Build Season Begins!!!

We are   Agents Of Change


RCS Girls in STEM: We invite you to be part of a special group specifically for girls interested in STEM (middle/high school) called STEM CADettes! 

This group aims to provide support and opportunities to learn introductory STEM skills, taught by high school girls in leadership roles on our team! 

Competitions We Host

The FEDS host FIRST events for the 80+ teams we started in our RCS community. This year, we hosted our FTC Qualifier ROCBOTS United with the Adambots 245 and Cyber Cats 5436. We also hosted 4 FLE Sphinxfest Expos.

We assisted our sister schools in hosting FLL Challenge Tournaments and the FRC District Rochester Event last season.

Dear Class of 2023,

Despite the challenges this season has brought, you all tackled new situations and obstacles head-on while embodying being Agents of Change. Each and every one of you demonstrated leadership, teamwork, and gracious professionalism both on the field and in the shop. Our team is excited for what the future holds for all 8 of you. We miss you already and we hope you come back to visit soon!

Once a FED, always a FED!!