Website Construction Guide

Getting Started

This website is built using google sites and hosted by a third party. Most of the content in this guide is designed with this setup in mind.


To create or edit a google site you will need to navigate to google sites.

Create or Edit

Select the website you want to edit or select an option to make a new one


When it comes to themes there are several premade options available, however when making a website it may be best to create your own.

To edit a theme select the 3 dots in the top right and select the edit option


Under the Colors Tab you can set 3 styles each style can be applied to rows of elements making formatting consistent and easy.

Making your colors match your team branding is always a good bet!


Under the Images Tab you can set the Header, Website logo, and the Favicon.

The header can be set on each subpage as needed, but this sets the default.


Under the components section you can set standard colors for components depending on the theme of the row they are in. 

Buttons and dividers are a good way to keep your website neat

Outside of these main three categories the default settings can mostly be left alone

If you click on the paint palette on the left side of the screen you can assign a style to the row


When you want to make a new page click the menu and then add subpage for any existing page. You can click and drag to rearrange pages as necessary

Under the menu options for an individual page there are several options

Fun Fact: webpages hidden from navigation can still be linked to

Pages will automatically show up in the Navigation bar. If a page has a subpage it will show up with a dropdown arrow

Best Practices

When it comes to nesting try to follow the 3 click rule: A user should be able to find what they are looking for within 3 clicks on your website

Double click anywhere to access a quick Inserts menu

Check the page in the preview to make sure everything looks right, especially when switching to the mobile preview